Dr. Borys V. Terentiev
Full Member of The Ukrainian Academy of Construction




Was born in May 24, 1943 in the family of famous Ukrainian engineers. Graduated from the Kiev Institute of Civil Engineering (KICR) in 1965. He worked first as a research assistant in the Paton Institute of Welding, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

More than 25 years of his professional activity was associated with the Department of metal and wooden structures of the Kiev Institute of Civil Engineering (KICR), where he started as a postgraduate student and finished in 1992 as the lead instructor, assistant professor of the department.

In September 1987 he was sent to the Republic of Cuba, to the Central University of Las Villas, where he worked until 1991 as a professor and advisor to the rector and dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering. From October 1988 he worked as a visiting member of the Cuban National Commission on the Reform of Higher Education. 

Fluent in Spanish, B.V. Terentiev worked in different Cuban cities and areas. He lectured and consulted local experts, wrote a tutorial on designing of metal structures (in Spanish), supervised preparation of graduate students and developed several designs.

B.V. Terentiev has also developed a number of inventions, which have been patented. He was a winner of several national and international competitions of inventors, including The Henry Ford Conservation Awards 1999 National Award.

In addition to work on various designs, Dr. Terentiev acts as a representative of constructivism in architecture. In his opinion, new functionally rational constructive forms always cause new architectural solutions.

Dr. Terentiev works both as an independent designer and as the CEO of the construction company Monta. He has been granted corresponding state certificates and licenses. Boris Terentyev implements his designs in accordance to Ukrainian and foreign regulations. In case of cooperation with foreign companies , it is assumed that all legal issues have to be resolved in accordance to the laws of the country of the contractor.